How to Order?

Guide on how to place an order


I) Choose the category of product or search directly the product you want to purchase. Saw a product in Instagram? Search for the name at the top search bar.


II) If you click category, you’ll see a whole list of different items. Choose any of the items to purchase or to learn more about it.


III) Once you open up the page, you can choose to learn more by scrolling down and viewing the Product Details, or choose the specific products and add to cart.

IV) If you click on Add to Cart, this window will pop out to show that it has been added to your cart. You can decide whether to continue shopping or Proceed to Checkout.

V) Upon clicking proceed to checkout, you’ll be at the checkout page. Please fill in your shipment details, and choose the shipping method, your payment method and proceed to pay.

Once all those are proceeded, we will then start shipping your order to your place. Happy shopping!! Please take note: All orders are sent and arrived within 15-35 days.

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